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Plastic for young mothers; recovery after pregnancy and breastfeeding
Plastic surgery is a delicate work.

There are no simple operations: everything is interconnected, everything matters, everything is important. Aesthetic operations should be performed on the basis of fundamental knowledge, with many years of experience in surgery, understanding the consequences of even the most insignificant surgical intervention.

Plastic surgery for me is the realisation of accumulated medical, surgical and life experience.

Recovery after pregnancy and breastfeeding
Mom after pregnancy and breastfeeding has a number of features.

Firstly, there are several organs and systems that can be restored only with the help of plastic surgery, for example, the chest and veins of the lower extremities. Here fitness and diets are not effective. And the face and the stomach, on the contrary, suggest a large number of non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques.

Secondly, it is usually a complex task. Operations differ from primary operations, for example, if we talk about mammoplasty, then it is not always just breast augmentation with implants, and often a breast lift, correction of asymmetry that has arisen after breastfeeding.

Thirdly, pregnancy changes the physiology, the hormonal background of a woman and this must also be taken into account. Basic medical knowledge and experience in big surgery help me here.

  • Breast augmentation
  • Подтяжка груди
  • Уменьшение груди
  • Пластика соска и ореола
  • Радиочастотная абляция
  • Склеротерапия
  • Варикоз/сосудистые звездочки
  • Уколы молодости
  • Верхняя блефаропластика
  • Нижняя блефаропластика
  • Абдоминопластика
  • Липосакция
  • Аппаратные технологии
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Mammoplasty combines a group of operations on the breast. The main reason for which women decide to mammoplasty is psychological discomfort from an unaesthetic type of their own breasts. This often happens during the recovery period of the natural forms and proportions of the breast after pregnancy and breastfeeding, especially if you are a happy mother of 2 or 3 children.

Before the operation for consultation, I determine what operation needs to be done, what implants and approaches (cuts) should be used to achieve the most aesthetic and natural result. The best clinic of plastic surgery in Kiev can offer you the following services:


After pregnancy, the first signs of varicose veins or “spider veins” often appear. I provide a closed cycle in diagnosis and treatment, which includes consultation, ultrasound diagnosis, on this basis I individually justify recommendations for the prevention or treatment of venous diseases, if necessary, I spend minimally invasive treatment: without pain, without anesthesia, without incisions.

Diseases of the veins are continuously progressive state and expect that “will pass by itself, decrease, improve” is completely unjustified.


Changes in the face always strongly influence the emotional and psychological state of a person. Aesthetic medicine has long learned to solve these problems, so do not accumulate dissatisfaction, and it is better to consult with a plastic surgeon on an exciting issue. The modern plastic surgery clinic in Kiev offers a wide range of services and procedures related to the face, safe and comfortable conditions for its patients.

After the sleepless nights of the first year of life of the baby and the diets restoring your form, the first need appears to correct the facial features, contour plastics in the hands of a plastic surgeon will help. The procedures are carried out in the plastic surgery clinic. For contouring, I use only brand-name, innovative products that give an aesthetic, long-lasting, safe result.

  • Youth injections

In some cases, it is necessary to perform blepharoplasty.

  • Upper blepharoplasty
  • Lower blepharoplasty

Changes in the abdominal wall occur in many cases after pregnancy, sometimes the situation is complicated by the presence of an umbilical or postoperative hernia of the abdomen.

There is a wide range of methods for the correction of the abdominal wall. If you have a hernia, then its treatment is only surgical. In other cases, you can often do without surgery. The art of a plastic surgeon is to choose the best way to restore the abdominal wall, and in some situations to recommend fitness and diet.

  • Abdominoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Hardware technology

Aesthetic operation – a starting point, a new stage, and maybe even a turning point in life. The operation is morally prepared and matured, so when the patient decided, my task was to do everything so that he was comfortable and safe.

Dear friends! Do you know what talent is from God? This is exactly the case. Six months ago, I entrusted my body to this beautiful person, I suffered for a long time, doubted, reviewed a lot of videos and reviews, it all took 2 years))) I was very afraid. But somehow it happened that life brought me together with Gennady Yuryevich, thank you very much for your patience)) patience with his ears)). I made a long-awaited breast plastic. Soon it will be almost a year, and I am happy. This is a great feeling, living without complexes and doubts))

Ekaterina Vesnyantseva

I want to thank the plastic surgeon for their professionalism and attention. She turned to the doctor with the consequences after the operation from splinter wounds in the abdominal cavity. Very afraid what could be the result after the operation. The doctor was able to find the right words and calm down. The result exceeded my expectations !!! Thanks to the operation, it was possible to avoid working with a psychologist. Now I can visit the beach in a separate bathing suit. And wear a topic. Thank you so much, success and prosperity !!!

Angela Fedotova

Got to the consultation to Gennady Yuryevich Buke about varicose veins. After the consultation, it was proposed to perform radiofrequency ablation on both legs. The operation was successful. At the moment, the swelling in my legs is gone, I feel good. Many thanks to Gennady Yuryevich Buke for professionalism.

Natalya Fattakhova

It would seem a trifle for someone, but for me such a huge complex! There was a slight asymmetry in the right upper lip. A year ago, he was already at the doctor’s office, he greatly increased my upper lip, the asymmetry remained, so now the proportions were strange too. Re-read the entire Internet, was ready to do a simple operation, but Buka dissuaded. I obeyed and decided to rule with hyaluronic acid. Sponges turned out harmonious, neat, the volume increased quite a bit, and my asymmetry completely disappeared. What can I say? Satisfied!))

Lydia Smirnova

I want to express my sincere thanks to the remarkable doctor Gennady Yuryevich for the professional and competent approach to treating patients. Only one consultation and choice is made. The vein removal operation was performed on February 20th. I want to thank you for your help. You restore health to people and the beauty of the limbs they need. I really want in our time to see more of these specialists in our medicine. And God bless you, your loved ones, and as little negative emotions as possible at work !!!

Natalia Morozova

Gennady Yuryevich! Once again I want to thank you for the hard work that you did with my mom! She forgot what the swelling and pain in the legs! Well, of course, the aesthetic appearance is pleasing to the eye) HUGE THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK AND CARE FOR PATIENTS !!! In each of them you invest not only your work and experience, but also a sincere attitude!

Svetlana Kravchenko

I got an appointment with Gennady Yuryevich with the problem of not the aesthetic appearance of my legs … It turned out that everything was simple for the doctor and it was easy for me to understand. After a half-hour sclerotherapy procedure and a little patience, my problems disappeared. Many thanks to the doctor.

Vita Guseva
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